Summer Fun Camp

Thank you for a fantastic summer camp!  Please check back next year for 2024 camp info.

If you are looking for your child to enjoy their summer having fun in a structured environment we’re the perfect place! 

Kidz Space is excited to offer summer camp at the Hainesport and Burlington Township Schools. Our camp is designed for children who are currently in kindergarten through 5th grade. Your child’s attendance is customizable through our flexible scheduling system.  

Our summer camp event calendar will keep you up to date on all of your camper’s activities and to ensure your camper is prepared each day.  Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays include an entertaining project or camp challenge and field trips are held on Thursdays.  On Fridays bathing suits are required to enjoy water activities; whether it’s relaxing in the pool, having a blast on a waterslide or having a friendly competition with water war games. 

We have 10 trips planned for our campers including a wet and wild day at Sahara Sams, observing exotic wildlife at the Philadelphia Zoo, bouncing around at Funzilla and relaxing with popcorn while watching Elemental at the Regal cinema!  Our events are designed to ensure your camper has a blast this summer at Kidz Space!

Please complete our easy and convenient online summer registration form. Pricing and trip information is located there as well.  After your form is submitted you will be contacted by our admin team to confirm schedules and collect the registration/activity fee. Please be aware that there are a limited number of spots available for camp and registrations will be accepted on a first come first served basis.


Burlington Camp Calendar


Hainesport Camp Calendar