Welcome to Eastampton Community School

Kidz Space Enrichment Programs (formerly Wee Kids) is excited to be partnered with the Eastampton Community School District to offer onsite before/after school care for your children in grades K through 8th grade!

At Kidz Space Enrichment Programs, we strive to create a positive atmosphere for educational and social development.  We believe this starts with our staff who work to establish strong connections with the children which, in turn, enables them to provide an environment of fun and learning for all of the students.  In addition, we are here for you, our parents and guardians, and we will work to exceed your expectations by offering you the convenience, organization and quality care you deserve at Kidz Space!


What We Offer



Please click the link below to see the ingredients list for snacks served at Kidz Space.  Please note that we conduct food craft projects throughout the year.  Please ask if you wish to be notified of the ingredients for these projects.  If your child’s allergy information changes please notify us immediately, by email, so we can update the information in our system.

Snack Ingredients

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Enroll Today

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
AM Care: 7AM - Start of School
PM Care: End of School Day - 6PM

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On-site Phone: (609) 405-4660
Admin Office: (609) 384-3881
Email:[email protected]