Yes, transportation is provided by the BTSD.  For additional information please contact the BTSD Department of Transportation.

Each year we are assigned students to participate in our programs from the Burlington Township School District (BTSD).  BTSD utilizes a lottery system to determine our enrollment.  Please visit the BTSD website for further information on their lottery process.

Preschool runs from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

We observe Burlington Township School District’s Calendar as well as any emergency school closures.  If the school district has a 2 hour delay we will begin at 11 AM.

Kidz Space utilizes Creative Curriculum which partners with Teaching Strategies (this is the same curriculum that the Burlington Twp. School Districts use).

Students in our classrooms will spend time each day on our Hatch Early Literacy Stations.  These are touch screen stations that contain learning activities and games.  As the students play the learning games, the software tracks their progress throughout the year.  Teachers have access to the analytics and can tailor the games to provide individualized help in specific learning areas.  Our students have access to the software from home as well!

There is 1 hour allotted for a “rest time” each day.  Please send in a clean fitted crib sheet and small blanket each week.  All bedding will be sent home at the end of the week so it can be laundered and returned the following week.

Your child will be given an opportunity to purchase school breakfast or lunch.  We will include a lunch and breakfast calendar menu in your child’s daily folder. When purchasing breakfast and/or lunch you must notify us.  This can be done by circling the days you want breakfast/lunch on the calendar.  Additional calendars can be found on the Burlington Township website.  Lunch and breakfast payments can also be made online at the Burlington Township’s online Parent Portal system.  Please provide a packed lunch with an ice pack on days your child is not purchasing a school lunch.  We recommend sending in a refillable water container so your child can take it on the playground with them.  We will include a peanut free snack every morning and afternoon.

If your child will be absent from school please call 609-387-1799 to report the absence and notify the teacher by email. This is especially important if your child usually arrives by bus.

If your child requires medication during the school day, or an EpiPen, please contact the school nurse, Mary Kerstetter at 609-387-2145 or [email protected].

Wee Kids will provide all supplies for your child. Parents will only be responsible for a backpack, lunch, refillable water container and sending in your child’s bedding the first day of each week.

Burlington Township offers an online Parent Portal system called “Power School” to streamline and more effectively gather student information electronically. This system is a secure and green process, which will allow the district to verify all student demographic, emergency, and medical information for your child prior to the start of the new school year.  Please call the school at 609-387-1799 if you are in need of a Parent Portal account.

[email protected]

[email protected]

School Office Phone Number:

You may also call our Administrative office at 609-384-3881 or email us at

[email protected]  if you have further questions.

Yes, Kidz Space does offer before and after care.  Before Care begins at 7 AM and Aftercare runs from 3:30 PM-6 PM.  To register for the Kidz Space Enrichment Program.

Please click here FW Before/After Care Program  Please note that this program has a $65 yearly registration fee and monthly  tuition.

When dropping off your child in the morning, please use Door 15.  Pick up after 3:30 PM will be at Door 4.  If your child is enrolled in the aftercare program, whenever possible, please refrain from picking up your child until 3:45 PM.  This will allow us time to pack up and bring the children to the cafeteria.  There is a $1 per minute late pickup fee for families picking up after 6:00 PM.  If you are running late please call the on site number at 609-678-8952.